Harbin No.9 High School is a provincial key school

Our School

Established in 1948 in Harbin, Harbin No. 9 High School is a provincial key school. In nearly 70 years’history, Harbin No. 9 High School has cultivated generations of talents, who becomes pride of harbiners. Education quality has been improved continuously. Not only it ranks top three among provincial key high schools in Harbin, but also wins its reputation and people’s trust in Heilongjiang Province, even in the whole China.

International Department

The Length of schooling for A Level is three years. The majors we open up are Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Economics, science mainly because we think over Chinese students’ advantage comparing foreign students. The model of diversified elective course expands the students’ international view largely.

Our Graduated Students

To introduce in international quality education resources, we formed a strategic alliance with Edexcel, UK education system. We established International Department and offer authorized A Level curriculum, giving our students opportunity to go to world top universities. The three sessions graduates have entered world top 150 universities.


We are looking for a foreign teacher for A Level, with the following qualifications:
One ALevel Chemistry Teacher
One ALevel Physics Teacher
One ALevel Maths Teacher

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It covers an area of 60,000㎡,consisting of two campuses, the northern campus and the southern campus with total 98 classes, nearly 5000 students and 400 teachers and staffs.In accord with international standards, Harbin No. 9 High School has developed into a combined school having both junior and senior high students.

Southern Campus Office:

Add: Office 426, No. 165, Heping Road, Xiangfang Disrict, Harbin, China
Tel:0451-82447555 / 0451-84504777

Northern Campus Office:

Add:Office 203, Songbei District, Shibo Road, Songbei District, Harbin, China
Tel:0451-82447555 / 0451-84504777